Church Partners

God Behind Bars partners with churches around the country to launch new church campuses inside prisons and connect thousands of inmates and their families to Christ.

We have partnered with local, cutting-edge churches like Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Red Rocks Church in Denver, Bay Area Fellowship in Corpus Christi, Church By The Glades in Fort Lauderdale, and many others to provide a quality worship experience. Click here for a full list of Broadcasting Churches.

Why partner with God Behind Bars?

We are the Department of Corrections’ nationally-recognized prison ministry and a trusted bridge between the DOC and churches that want to make a difference. Our church partners provide us with their weekend content and volunteers and we do the rest, giving churches the tools, resources, and training to impact these inmates in a huge way without having to become experts on the details. Using the latest audio and video equipment, we create a loud, relevant, high-definition theater experience inside of each prison, starting a new multi-site campus for the church and intentionally moving inmates and their families to the next steps on a strategic journey of life change.

This three-step strategy goes beyond weekly worship; we’ll help you introduce inmates to Christ, work with them to overcome addictions, prepare them with the necessary skills for a successful life, provide them with resources and ongoing support upon their release, and connect them and their families to your church.

Contact us today to learn more about church partnership!