Freedom Belongs to Everyone

Right now, sitting alone in their cells across the United States, 2.4 million people are in prison. Over 90% of these people will be released into society again, most of them back to the same social environment and negative influences. As a result, 75% of these inmates will be back in prison within three years.

All kinds of programs all over the country are working to lower this number, but we believe God is the only one who can truly change lives and transform futures. So we’ve created a way not only for inmates to attend high-quality church services, participate in recovery programs, and learn new life skills while they’re in prison—now our “Church Inside” online live stream makes it easy for the inmate’s family to “attend” church with them at the same time.

This means incarcerated moms can attend church with their children. Dads behind bars can attend church with their spouse and kids. Parents whose hearts are aching can be part of the life change their incarcerated children are experiencing.

And after these at-risk families attend church together, they get to talk on the phone with their loved ones to share what they’re learning and take the next steps in building new relationships grounded in Christ.

Thousands of inmates and their family members are currently being reached by this program, but the need is so great. More than 80 million people have a family member behind bars.

For $27 a month you can be part of the solution. This monthly donation makes it possible for an entire family to attend church together and funds God Behind Bars programs across the United States.

For just $27 a month, you can change the future of a family. Click here to donate now.