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                 45 Men Baptized inside Arizona State Prison – Kingman


We had an absolutely amazing night last night down in Kingman, AZ where 45 men took the next step in their faith by getting baptized. They chose to go public with their faith in an environment that it isn’t easy to do. Choosing to follow Jesus in prison doesn’t only take courage, but it takes a strong, burning passion with conviction that Jesus is the answer to our future.

One gentleman walked up to us during service. This was our conversation.

“How you doing sir, I just want to say thank you for what you guys are doing here. This is incredible. Four months ago I lost my wife and it’s left a huge empty hole in my heart. About 2 months later you guys came in here and started this. When I walked in the room I didn’t really know what to expect, but all I felt was all of this love and it filled the hole in my heart. So I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been in and out of prisons all over the country the last 30 years and I think this is the answer for all prisons. So many prisons need this. I have been searching for answers from God in many different religions for the longest time, and I always was left feeling empty at the end of the day. I have read all kinds of books on all the different religions just searching for answers.”

We asked him “Where are you at with your faith today?” He said, “I accepted Christ a little while back, and I chose to get baptized.”

We then asked, “Are you still searching for answers?” He said, “No. I think I found my home.”

Want to help?

We are always looking for amazing volunteers to help lead this ministry. If you have a heart to serve these people or their families. Click here.

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All Is Bright

All is Bright Christmas events are a day when inmate mothers or fathers and their children experience Christ’s heart for reconciliation as inmate parents recreate and experience Christmas with their children. Due to a lot of these moms and dads meeting their children for the first time or for the first time in a long time, our team has intentionally tried to think of creative ways to allow mom and dad to begin the forgiveness and relationship building process, without it being uncomfortable or scary for either the parent or child.


We, along with our team of volunteers, go above and beyond to transform a large room inside of a prison into a Winter Wonderland. It is filled with a day of fun, activities, live engaging entertainment for all children (including Santa), Christmas dinner, family photos, and most of all, presents!  Our team obtains donations of brand new clothing, toys and gift cards from partnering churches and organizations to allow mom and dad to shop in a mock store environment for their child. Our volunteers then wrap each present and address it to each child from their parent. This opens up a gateway for a mom or dad to become the hero in their child’s life again.

Are you also passionate about reconciling inmate parents with their children? Do you pray for the healing of families? Then join us as we prepare to kick off the All Is Bright Christmas events during December!

Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Pray—Pray for healing between parent and child as they reunite and begin mending their relationship.
2. Volunteer—If you attend a church that is already a partner with God Behind Bars, fill out the volunteer application and see your church office for information on volunteering for this wonderful event!
3. Donate—If you are unable to volunteer, consider giving of your resources instead. When you donate, you help us provide a delicious meal, fun activities, and special gifts for the children and their parents. We truly cannot put a price tag on the restoration of families. Give today!

Through events like All Is Bright Christmas, we can join together and introduce inmates and their families to the eternal love of God!


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ABC News Report on God Behind Bars


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