Who is GBB?

We believe God belongs in jail.

Only he can rebuild lives, so we’re launching church campuses inside prisons where we offer dynamic live worship experiences, opportunities for recovery from addiction, resources for re-entry into society, and ongoing support after release. One community at a time, one person at a time, we’re partnering with God to make a difference behind bars.

Church Inside

Prison often destroys families. God Behind Bars makes them stronger.

At ChurchInside.com, families outside prison can experience the same worship service as their loved one inside. Each week they hear the same messages, learn the same biblical truths, and move forward in their spiritual journey together.


We are the DOC’s nationally-recognized prison ministry and a bridge to churches that want to make a difference in the lives of prisoners. Click to find out how we’re serving departments around the country.

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Church Partners

"God Behind Bars has allowed us to take the gospel to people we could have never reached otherwise, and lives are being changed in miraculous ways because of it... so cool! Our church still cheers every weekend when we mention our GBB campus! Focusing on people outside of our church walls in this way has been a huge blessing to our church and I would highly recommend this to other churches"

- Shawn Johnson, Red Rocks Church -

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