Pando App

The Christ-centered app for inmates.

Pando is a revolutionary new app that makes it possible for inmates to engage with their faith and improve their mental health in a whole new way.

Reaching inmates right where they are.

Our free app delivers content like sermons, worship music, devotionals, podcasts, and other spiritual growth content directly into the hands of incarcerated people all over the country.

Pando is the very first app of its kind available to people who are incarcerated. Pando makes it possible for inmates all over the country experience Christ’s love through life-changing content, 24/7, through a secure app on their provided tablets.

Pando is also available on Google Play and the App Store so you too can experience the amazing library of quality, free content!

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There are a wide array of opportunities for individuals, ministries, inmates, and correctional facilities to make a difference in the lives of those who are incarcerated. We also provide resources for those in prison and their families.

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Just $10/month helps us reach inmates with the gospel. Our monthly donors are committed to making an impact and reaching inmates with the gospel. Together, we have the opportunity to carry the gospel to hundreds of thousands of incarcerated people every single month.

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We partner with churches, ministries, and individuals like you nationwide to provide life-changing content to prison inmates and their families. See the impact your giving and involvement make by checking out the locations of prison campuses and the presence of the Pando app on inmate tablets.

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